Success Speaks Academy

Success Speaks Academy

Speaking in public is difficult for most people. Training and practice in public speaking are essential for both extroverts and introverts, as it involves planning, organizing, methods of delivering speeches, using relaxation techniques, engaging the audience, using non-verbal communication, and more.

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Our trainers are Professional Speakers and Coaches. And we’ve worked with all walks of life, from Royalty and Politicians, to SMEs and Students.

Our approach is practical not lecture based, not only will we teach what is most relevant, but do so in a creative positive environment. Resulting in sharp shifts in your confidence and speaking delivery.

We believe every person has something valuable to say, most will NOT speak due to fear at some level. Fear that limits the authentic version of yourself.

We pride ourseleves on our unique, highly practical and solution based programme. The training is tailored and we use the very best tools to ensure you achieve your goals.

Our tutors are award winning speakers and passionate about presentation – so you are in the very best hands.

Dont just read about it – come and see us – we will prove it!

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@19, Shipeolu Streeet, Elediye Bus-Stop Shomolu, Lagos Nigeria

For enquiries Call: 07034505956, 08052864047, 08037679601, 08051105977

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