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Unilag Diploma Foundation Application Programme Admission Form offers you a wide variety of academic choice. You can now go to higher institution by escaping the stress of Jamb. The next Unilag Diploma Foundation or Predegree form is around the corner again.

You can fully get yourself prepared and ready for the entrance test with the aid of our well packed past questions and answers booklet that we offer here. Early preparation makes success cheap and affordable. Don’t waste your thinking how to do it, start your preparation now and you will make it. To get your past questions and answers that will enable you succeed call me on 08183594349.

Note: Get Diploma Foundation Past Questions & Answers now and start studying ahead

Only new and fresh applicants are to pay the sum of N25,000 for a new registration. So if you didn’t meet up JAMB cut off or institution bench mark, this is your time to make it to higher institution again.

The school fees is N407,000. Installment payment is allowed and the cut off mark for all the department is now uniform. So whether you are putting in for school of medicine, or you want to study Law, or Engineering, the cut off is 40%. University of Lagos has made easier for aspiring students to enter without stress. Please remember that you have to be diligent in your reading and  serious with your classroom lecture before you can get to 200 Level.

Do you know that you can get the form as soon as possible and start lecture with the admitted students. The Programme is a one year Programme after which you can use the certificate to gain admission into 200 level in any course of your choice in University of Lagos and other schools including selected universities abroad.

Most graduates of Unilag Diploma/Foundation Programme are always known to be outstanding throughout their undergraduate years. The Programme is a full time Programme which enables student to receive lectures during the day period. After purchase of programme admission form, there will be an entrance test for all candidates that applied and you can get yourself full ready for the new entrance test or computer based test (CBT) by getting the updated compiled entrance examination past questions and answers.

You are mandated to print out two copies when coming for the examination and also bring along with you, your completed form. Make sure you come down to University of Lagos Campus and do your Biometrics finger print before the exam. Without the thumb printing, you will not be allowed to do the Exam.

If you have more questions, leave your comment in the box below. We will do our possible to attend to you. Let us know if you don’t understand much about the Foundation/Diploma Programme in Unilag. But please, I will appreciate it if you leave a comment for here. I will definitely attend to it. Please don’t call me in the night. If my phone is not going through during the day, do me favour to drop your comment in the box.


If you are ready to get the form, we can be of assistance to you. Feel free to talk to us any time from wherever you are in Nigeria; we will treat your issue with urgency. Call our lines today: 08183594349, 08154867136

University of Lagos Past Questions & Answers is the Key to your Success

Past statistics revealed that with proper and on-time practice of the past questions and answers leave you with a queue of success, joy and happiness. Your success in this Diploma/Foundation programme is sure this time around if you will lay hold on the questions and answers provided by us. After the first round of the Diploma/Foundation Entrance Examination held in Distance Learning Institute(DLI) computer hall, one of the students walked up to me for special appreciation for the past question given to him. Do yourself to order for your copy now at the rate of N3000. Reach on this line for the PAST QUESTION – 08183594349

We have it available in:

  1. Hard copy format (you might need to come pick this one up inside Unilag from one of my assistance).Call the numbers at the end of this post to know how to meet with one of our reps to get this copy. 08183594349
  2. Soft copy(pdf format that will be sent to your mail)
  3. How To Get The Soft Copy Straight Into Your Email

I will recommend the soft copy for those that want to study ahead and again it’s actually more comprehensive and well packaged and you can easily print it out or go through them on your mobile device. we will send this soft copy to your email within few minutes after payments even if you want it now. Instructions on how to get it below:
Note: if you need to confirm anything before making payment, please feel free to call or text the numbers at the end of this post.

For Further Enquiries

If you are ready to get the form, we can be of assistance to you. Feel free to talk to us any time from wherever you are in Nigeria; we will treat your issue with urgency. Call our lines today: 08183594349, 08154867136

Note: Get your past Question and Answers Now & Start Reading ahead. You will succeed. The past questions and answers are available. Call us today for Registration on: 08183594349, 08154867136

Unilag Diploma Information at Glance

  Unilag Diploma Form Price = N25,000Unilag Diploma Examination new Date =

Unilag Diploma Closing Date =

Unilag Diploma Past Question = Call 08183594349, 08154867136

Registration & Filling of Form = Call 08183594349, 08154867136

 It’s your TURN to Succeed!

List of Courses offered in the Unilag Foundation Programme.

Below are the list of courses offered in the Unilag Foundation/Diploma/Jupeb/Predegree  programme;

  1. Foundation In Accounting.
  2. Foundation In Actuarial Science.
  3. Foundation In Adult Education.
  4. Foundation In Architecture.
  5. Foundation In Biochemistry.
  6. Foundation In Biology Education.
  7. Foundation In Botany.
  8. Foundation In Building.
  9. Foundation In Business Administration.
  10. Foundation In Business Education.
  11. Foundation In Cell Biology & Genetics.
  12. Foundation In Chemical Engineering.
  13. Foundation In Chemistry.
  14. Foundation In Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  15. Foundation In Computer Engineering.
  16. Foundation In Computer Sciences.
  17. Foundation In Dentistry.
  18. Foundation In Early Childhood Education.
  19. Foundation In Economics.
  20. Foundation In Economics Education.
  21. Foundation In Educational Administration.
  22. Foundation In Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  23. Foundation In English.
  24. Foundation In English Education.
  25. Foundation In Estate Management.
  26. Foundation in Finance.
  27. Foundation In Fisheries.
  28. Foundation in French.
  29. Foundation In Geograph.
  30. Foundation In Geography Education.
  31. Foundation In Geology.
  32. Foundation In Geophysics.
  33. Foundation In Guidance & Counselling.
  34. Foundation In History & Strategic Studies.
  35. Foundation In Home Economics.
  36. Foundation In Human Kinetic & Health Education.
  37. Foundation In Industrial Relations & Personel Management.
  38. Foundation In Insurance.
  39. Foundation In Integrated Science.
  40. Foundation In Law.
  41. Foundation In Marine Biology.
  42. Foundation In Mass Communication.
  43. Foundation In Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.
  44. Foundation In Mathematics.
  45. Foundation In Mathematics Education.
  46. Foundation In Mechanical Engineering.
  47. Foundation In Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  48. Foundation In Medicine & Surgery.
  49. Foundation In Microbiology.
  50. Foundation In Music.
  51. Foundation In Nursing Sciences.
  52. Foundation In Petroleum & Gas Engineering.
  53. Foundation In Pharmacology.
  54. Foundation In Pharmacy.
  55. Foundation in Philosophy.
  56. Foundation In Physics.
  57. Foundation In Physics Education.
  58. Foundation In Physiology.
  59. Foundation In Physiotherapy.
  60. Foundation In Political Science.
  61. Foundation In Psychology.
  62. Foundation In Quantity Surveying.
  63. Foundation In Radiography.
  64. Foundation In Russian.
  65. Foundation In Sociology.
  66. Foundation In Sports Science.
  67. Foundation In Surveying & Geoinformatics.
  68. Foundation In Systems Engineering.
  69. Foundation In Theatre Arts.
  70. Foundation In Urban & Regional Planning.
  71. Foundation In Visual Arts.
  72. Foundation in Yoruba.
  73. Foundation in Zoology.

Unilag Foundation/JUPEP/Diploma Subject Combinations

Maths & English is Compulsory plus any of these three listed below

  • ACC_BUS_ECO >> SFS01
  • ACC_ECO_GEO >> SFS02
  • ACC_ECO_GOV >> SFS03
  • ART_CRS_GOV >> SFS04
  • ART_CRS_MUS >> SFS05
  • ART_GOV_MUS >> SFS06
  • ART_LIT_MUS >> SFS07
  • ART_MAT_PHY >> SFS08
  • BIO_CHE_PHY >> SFS09
  • BIO_ECO_GEO >> SFS10
  • BIO_ECO_GOV >> SFS11
  • BIO_ECO_LIT >> SFS12
  • BIO_MAT_PHY >> SFS13
  • BUS_ECO_GOV >> SFS14
  • CHE_ECO_MAT >> SFS15
  • CHE_PHY_MAT >> SFS16
  • CRS_FRE_LIT >> SFS17
  • CRS_GOV_MUS >> SFS18
  • CRS_GOV_YOR >> SFS19
  • CRS_GOV_IGB >> SFS20
  • CRS_LIT_HIS >> SFS21
  • CRS_LIT_MUS >> SFS22
  • ECO_GEO_GOV >> SFS23
  • ECO_GOV_ISS >> SFS24
  • ECO_GOV_LIT >> SFS25
  • ECO_MAT_PHY >> SFS26
  • FRE_GOV_ISS >> SFS27
  • FRE_HIS_ISS >> SFS28
  • GOV_CRS_ECO >> SFS29
  • GOV_HIS_ISS >> SFS30
  • GOV_LIT_HIS >> SFS31
  • GOV_LIT_MUS >> SFS32
  • HIS_GOV_CRS >> SFS33
  • ISS_GOV_LIT >> SFS34
  • LIT_GOV_CRS >> SFS35
  • LIT_HIS_ISS >> SFS36
  • MAT_GEO_ECO >> SFS37
  • MAT_PHY_GEO >> SFS38
  • GOV_ISS_ECO >> SFS39
  • BIO_CHE_ECO >> SFS40

The subjects above are subject codes. The translation of the subject codes above can be seen below;


School Info



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